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The Edge

Real talk….I’m turning 60 in September.

I have been having SLEEP ISSUES that escalated over the past few months.Waking every time I rolled over, up to pee sometimes twice a night, lying awake for hours.I bought, Bose sleep buds a couple months ago & they have been helpful so that not every, little sound wakes me up but still getting up to pee a couple times a night.

It’s been 1 week since I started drinking, Edge.

The last couple nights I have not gotten up to pee and last night- I forgot to put in my ear buds.I slept through the night & did NOT get up to pee once!

The real kicker for me though? The appetite suppression. SO KEY!It allows me the space to make better food choices instead of being reactionary & eating whatever is easiest to grab & eat.

I’ll keep sharing testimonials because the longer you drink it daily, more positive benefits are revealed.

All from 3 ingredients- no caffeine & no sugar. Just that refreshing watermelon tastiness! ❤❤❤

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